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The machine that saves time and does the job rite. #557

The Line-Rite Tape Machine will make any precision line making operation EASY, ACCURATE, AND QUICK. This easy to use machine will produce even complicated line patterns on virtually any surface. Adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds. This proven design is built to last for years of maintenance free service.

Hereís how it works.
To produce a straight line, stretch a string or pop a chalk to line in the center of the line to be painted. Align the tape machine over the center of the line, pull the tape through the tape guides and place under the front rollers. As the taper is pushed, the rollers pull the tape through the guides and affix it firmly to the floor creating professionally straight and accurately spaced lines. The Line-Rite taper will install 1/4" to 5 3/4" wide lines when using 3/4" tape guide.
Line guide brackets are marked with both inch and metric scale for easy adjustment to line width. These slotted brackets allow tape guides to be adjusted to varying widths and are very helpful when repainting old lines or installing special width lines. A 1" and 2" wide straight guide is also furnished for the purpose of taping existing lines for repainting. The Line-Rite Tape Machine comes supplied with tape guides for 3/4", 1", and 2" wide tape. These are safely stored in the right hand tape collar to prevent them from being lost. A 1 1/2" tape guide is also available. machine2
Circle taping is not only easy - itís quick! Simply install the needed radius rods to the tape machine and the center pivot. Adjust center pivot to the correct diameter and lock in place by tightening thumb screw. Place masking tape under front wheels and while pivot is being held in place make a circle with the machine. It only takes a few seconds! circle2 Keyways and Three Point Lines in only a few minutes.
When working on floors such as concrete or synthetic, a co-worker can hold the center pivot in place. When working with wood, the pivot can be pinned to the floor with a nail and one person can install circles and three point lines* saving time and labor. So whether itís the small jump circle, key ways, or three point lines, all can be installed Quickly, Easily, and Accurately. circle1

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